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Comprehensive Investment Banking Services For Your Business.

Metro Investment Bankers offers a variety of capital financing structures in order to meet your underlying need to access affordable business capital.  Metro’s Investors have well over $50 Billion in Assets Under Management (AUM) and are actively seeking financing opportunities in the range of $1 million upwards to over $500 million.  Capital deployed can be in the form of equity, debt or a combination of both in creating a financial structure meeting your needs.  In addition to providing capital, Metro also provides Merger & Acquisition advisory services to further maximize overall valuations for the company and its shareholders. Our clients are typically small to medium-sized private and public companies typically with a minimum annual EBITDA of $500,000 or greater.  Our capital market team is managed by FINRA licensed Investment Bankers with extensive experience in institutional equity, debt financing, mezzanine financing, cash flow loans, royalty financing and many other financing structures.   Metro is committed to providing unbiased advice and prudent strategies. We look forward to the opportunity in working with you on your company’s financial future.

Meet the Founder

Mr. McNeill has over 25 years in the financial services industry. He founded Metro Equity Partners and Metro Investment Bankers in 2010 on the principles of giving fair and unbiased recommendations to its clients. Prior to founding Metro, Mr. McNeill had seen far too many firms in the industry more concerned with charging a large upfront fee on client engagements and less emphasis on performance-based strategies in delivering a successful financial outcome for their clients. Many firms approach to new deal flow was if a client paid the engagement fee, the firm took on the assignment regardless of the probability of the successful outcome for the client. Metro’s approach is different, with the advantage of already leveraging Metro Equity Partner’s platform, Metro conducts its own internal financial diligence and prepares its own offering memorandum (customized to the client’s criteria) which is submitted blindly to the investor base on the Metro Equity Partner platform. Metro’s investors will let them know immediately if your opportunity matches their investment mandate.  Metro is also happy to share its secret sauce, it is called being transparent and honest with you. Bottom line, Metro tells clients “what you need to hear” and not “what you want to hear”.
Prior to founding Metro Investment Bankers in 2010, Mr. McNeill was a Managing Director with Windstone Capital Partners a boutique investment bank located in Scottsdale AZ and served a similar role with Newport Capital based in Los Angeles, CA.  Between 1998 and 2003, Mr. McNeill was a business consultant for a software company later acquired by EMC Corp. (later acquired by Dell Corp.) and a $4 Billion publicly traded communication company.  His past responsibilities included identifying companies for potential acquisitions and/or capital investment, due diligence of potential acquisitions and was the project lead in the post-acquisition integration of newly acquired companies. In addition, his prior experience includes piloting an investment banking venture for Charles Schwab and served as an analyst to Oppenheimer funds.  He currently holds the 7(General Securities), 66(Investment Advisor), 79(Investment Banking) FINRA securities licenses and a Designated Broker license. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Colorado State University.

Matt McNeill

Managing Principal

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